Interactive STEM/STEAM workshops consisting of a read aloud, discussion, and interactive play for small groups (6-25 kids) are also available.  Introduce kids to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics using simple blocks and construction materials to get hands on making their own bridges, airplanes, structures and more.  What better way to get hands-on and learn how things work.

Author Patrick McBriarty's workshops usually focus on bridges and drawbridges with a reading of Drawbridges Open and Close and introduce kids to bridges, but can feature Airplanes Take Off and Land or City Railways Go Above and Below.   This provides an ideal jumping off point for interactive play -- building, drawing, or discussions about various types of bridges, airplanes, or trains, materials used to build these structures and vehicles, and how they are used and why.

Find out and explore answers to questions like:​

  • What kind of materials are used to make bridges, airplanes, or trains?  And why?
  • Did you know Patrick sleeps under a bridge?  And you probably do too!
  • Did you know Chicago has more drawbridges than any other city on earth, except one?
  • Why lock a drawbridge -- is that so no one will steal it?

These workshops draw from Mcbriarty's vast knowledge surrounding his books to introduce the basics of bridges, airplanes, and elevated & subway trains.  In this way kids are introduced to simple engineering, material science, and technology principles  and concepts without intimidating language, or ideas.  This is where McBriarty's expertise of simplifying complicated ideas into their essence, being approachable with a sense of play, and humor make learning fun and interesting for everyone.  Workshop time 45-60 minutes.  Cost $200 - $250/session.  Ideal group size 15-25 kids.  Parents and Grandparent are always welcome additions.

Schedule a workshop for your school, library, or organization.  

Recommended for kids 4 - 10 years old.