Thank you for a great visit yesterday!

It was fun watching the kids get into the books and your talk about writing them.  Thank you again."  -- Amy DeForrest 

Library Media Specialist

Immaculate Conception St. Joseph School

Author Patrick McBriarty has visited public, private, and Montessori schools to talk with pre-K through High School students at schools such as:​

  • Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School in Chicago, IL 
  • The Bateman Elementary School, Chicago, IL
  • The GEMs World Academy of Chicago, IL
  • Immaculate Conception St. Joseph Elementary, Chicago, IL
  • The Latin School of Chicago, IL
  • Mackinac Island Public School, Mackinac Island, MI
  • ​The Mark Delay School in Darien, IL
  • ​​Montessori School of Darien, CT
  • Prairie Montessori School in Chicago, IL
  • ​Union Elementary School in Poland, OH
  • Zion Hill Academy in Darien, CT
  • Middle Fork Elementary, Winnetka, IL


STUDENT  Thank you's 

Although, School Visits are focused on the Chicago-area, I am regularly traveling to combine several schools and library visits around the United States.  To be added to the growing list of interested schools, booksellers, and libraries contact me to get something scheduled.  

I do ask for an honorarium, which is negotiable, for any author visit to help cover the significant time beyond the classroom involved in scheduling, coordination, preparation of materials, and travel expenses.  

Classroom presentations do not require any A/V equipment.  Auditorium presentations benefit from a screen, projector, and microphone (helpful but not required).  The general presentation options are listed below:

  • Read Aloud's to Pre-K - 3rd Graders -- each session (hopefully, starting no earlier than 9:00 am) is spaced no more than 60-minutes apart and includes donatation of a copy of each book in the PTM Werks Series.  Session Time: 25-30 minutes.  Honorarium: $160 to $600 (based on the number of sessions).

  • Chicago River Bridge Presentation -- a multi-media presentation is 45-60 minutes discussing the importance of bridges in the development of Chicago touching on bridge designs, engineering, and architecture to explain how and why Chicago became the Drawbridge Capital of the World.  Features animation showing how various drawbridge designs work.  Time: 45-60 minutes. Honorarium: $165 to $750/session (depending on the organization and expected audience).

  • Screenings of Chicago Drawbridges-- a 56-minute documentary chronicling importance of the bridges on the development of Chicago from the first wood footbridge, built by a tavern owner in 1832, to the iconic steel and concrete spans crossing the Chicago River today, followed by a Q&A with author and co-producer Patrick McBriarty.  Time: 65-80 minutes. Honorarium: $200 to 800 (depending on forum and expected attendance).

  • Workshops -- on bridges, airplanes, or trains (choose one) begin with a discussion of basic design and transportation concept, a read aloud of the corresponding PTM Werks Series children's book, and interactive play to build (or draw) bridges, airplanes, or railways to try out these new concepts and ideas.  Alternatively a field trip program to visit a bridge or take an elevated or subway tour could be organized assuming transportation is not a problem.  Time: 45-60 minutes.  Ideal group size: 10-15 (max. 30 kids).  Cost: $15 to $60/child (depending on group and materials needed). 

To contact email - Patrick@PTMWerks.com 

I am most regularly asked to visit Pre-K - 3rd Grade classrooms to share the PTM Werks Series of children's books.   These presentations are typically 25-30 minutes for 1 or more classes and explain that I really do live under a bridge -- and I bet they do too!  Bridges are everywhere, used all around the world, and easily relatable, yet often overlooked.  After a read aloud of Drawbridges Open and Close reveals how drawbridges work we share bridge experiences and I answer questions and including a little foreign language -- as bascule (as in bascule bridge) is French for "seesaw" and ponti is Latin for "bridge."  

This presentation is flexible catering to the audience's grade-level(s) and works well with small or large groups (using a projector and screen) in classrooms, school libraries, a gym or auditorium.  Visits can be scheduled for multiple sessions in various classrooms over the course of a school day to include the entire student body at most any school.

Of course the companion presentations and a read aloud of Airplanes Take Off and Land or City Railways Go Above and Below may also be requested, that follow the same format.  

Each presentation also readily lends itself to a Workshop by adding 20-30 minutes at the end for the students to build their own bridges, airplanes, or trains.  This is a great way for kids to use the concepts they learned and try out new ideas and designs.

As an author I love visiting schools to work with students of all ages:

  •  Pre-K - 3rd Grader read-alouds and discussion of how bridges, airplanes, or trains work, and why. ​ 
  • Middle, & High Schooler discussions about writing, what it is like to create a book, be an author, Chicago's bridges and more.

It is exciting and fun to meet, and interact with kids to explore basic concepts and ideas, and share experiences. 

Author School visits are a great way to promote reading, creating, writing, and learning.The PTM Werks Series of children's books provide entree to discussion of simple machines, geometry, math, design, art, construction, and so much more!!

Patrick McBriarty presents a strong male role model to encourage reading, writing, learning in general, AND discovery into how things work.

Introduce children to a real-live working author of not just children's books, but also non-fiction history on Chicago's bridges, and the co-producer of the documentary Chicago Drawbridges is inspirational for kids and adults!