The third book in the PTM Werks Series -- City Railways Go Above and Below -- illustrated by Johanna Kim is currently in the "Werks" and introduces Train Operator Julia and her son Ben, who gets to ride along inside the motorcab of a Crosstown Railway elevated and subway train.  Charlie rides with his mom as she drives the train from elevated track down into the subway under the Crosstown city center and back up onto the elevated tracks.  Populated by fanciful animal characters, vehicles, and watercraft of the busy city, the book reveals the controls, mechanics, and procedures to explain how a train works to carrying the many passengers in and around Crosstown.  Recommended for children from Nursery to 3rd Grade.  Hardback, size 10" x 7.5", full-color, and 48 pages. 

Just Released     --     City Railways Go Above and Below

"Yes, we will definitely purchase a few of each of the three books in an upcoming order and will add them to our collection in various locations.  As you probably know, transportation – especially the ‘why’ and ‘how’ – are endlessly fascinating to young readers and we are happy to make these books available to them." 

-- a Children’s Book Evaluator

at a TOP TEN U.S. Public Library System

Illustrated by Johann H. Kim

The entire PTM Werks Series is beautifully illustrated by Johanna H. Kim.  She has been a fantastic collaborator, from concept, and sketch to full-color.  Ms. Kim has created the rich visual story for each book adding wonderful personal touches and details that keep kids coming back to these books again and again.  Johanna a former Chicagoan now lives in the Pacific Northwest.  For more information about Johanna Kim checkout her website.

Drawbridges Open and Close

The award-winning, first book in the PTM Werks Series -- Drawbridges Open and Close -- illustrated by Johanna Kim begins with the approach of Tugboat Captain Josie (a kangaroo) towing a big barge and needs Bridge Tender Todd (a fox) and his sidekick Ponticat to open the Narrows Drawbridge.  Meanwhile, the impatient Terry Turtle in his sports car gets stuck waiting.  Will he ever get across?  This book brings to life a world populated by fanciful animal characters, vehicles, and watercraft of the busy town.  It reveals the gears, controls, locks, behind the scenes, and procedures of how a drawbridge works. Recommended for children from Nursery to 3rd Grade.  Hardback, size 10" x 7.5", full-color, and 48 pages.


The PTM Werks Series is designed to answer the "why" questions kids ask about how the machines around us work, and to introduce children to science, technology, engineering, art, & mathematics (STEM/STEAM) topics. Have you ever seen a fox operate a drawbridge, a sheep fly an airplane or a dog operate a subway train?  These books are technically fiction, but they reveal the inner workings and behind-the-scenes step-by-step process of opening and closing a drawbridge, flying an airplane, and operating a subway or elevated train that are true to life.  

 The PTM Werks Series of children's picture books is designed inspire future generations of engineers, architects, designers, pilots, artist, and trades people to create, build, and invent the world of tomorrow.  Exploring the machines and basic transportation all around us taps into children's natural fascination, which sometimes lead into a lifetime obsession, passion, and career.  Kids and adults and will enjoy reading these over and over again to discover the multiple layers within.

Complex concepts and the mechanics are distilled so they are easy to grasp and relate the elements and basic concepts in a fun, playful manner.  Partnering with the talented illustrator Johanna H. Kim, these books present a world of funny and engaging animal characters and fanciful vehicles, aircraft and watercraft that makes STEM/STEAM topics interesting and exciting.  Explore the busy world of the PTM Werks Series with the little ones in your life.  

PTM Werks Series can usually be found in the children's non-fiction or transportation book sections at finer booksellers across the country and is in the New York, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle,Los Angeles, and many other public library system collections.  Ask for them at your local library.  We were especially excited to see the PTM Werks Series books at the Smithsonian's Air & Space (the world's third busiest museum) and National Building Museum gift shops in Washington D.C.

Just Released for Oct. 2016 Pub. Date -- the third book in the PTM Werks Series City Railways Go Above and Below about subway and elevated trains is now available for sale.  Ask for it at your favorite bookseller, as well as the first two books in this children's book series, Drawbridges Open and Close (Oct. 2014) and Airplanes Take off and Land (April 2015)!  If they don't have it they can order it!  

 The PTM Werks Series is published by CurlyQ Press, an imprint of Applewood Books. Author signed copies may be purchased below or at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The second book in the PTM Werks Series -- Airplanes Take off and Land -- illustrated by Johanna Kim was just released in April of 2015.  Airplanes Take off and Land introduces Harry (a lamb) on his very first flight to learn all about how airplanes take off and land.  Aunt Stacey, a pilot, takes Harry into the cockpit of Crow-Flies Air Flight 6 to see the many steps of flying an airplane.  The story is full of animal characters, who all take part in the flight from Crosstown Field to Bayside Landing.  What does Harry think about flying?  Find out in this wonderful book sure to be a favorite, especially with young airplane fans and the pilots of tomorrow.  Recommended for children from Nursery to 3rd Grade. Hardback, size 10" x 7.5", full-color, and 48 pages.

Airplanes Take off and Land