Drawbridges Open and Close was selected by the Illinois Reading Council for its 2017 Illinois Reads Book List.  It is one of six children's picture books (K-2) selected for this honor.  

Illinois Reads is a statewide program designed to encourage reading at all levels across the state and selects a total of 36 Illinois authored or illustrated books across six categories to help promote reading.

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"Our 4 year old just loves the book.  She tore though it as soon as we opened the package... and now wants it read again and again.  The illustrations are very detailed and she delights in pointing out the small points on each page and make up side stories about them as we go.  A great read and good fuel for growing imaginations."
-- Nicholas "DIYguy"   (Amazon Review)

"All three of my kids (ages 2, 5, and 7) loved this book, and my five-year old wanted to read it every night for a week straight.  Great illustration, easy for kids to follow, and it has some humor mixed in that was subtle, but my kids grabbed, caught on, and laughed out loud.  Highly recommended, a staple for any family or school's library of books!"
-- Matt    (Amazon Review)

The prize was awarded on May 5, 2015, and sponsored by Bookbuilders of Boston.

Third-Place in the Small and Self Publishers Category.  This was the only children's book in the category to be recognized.

At the 58th New England Book ShowDrawbridges Open and Close won 

Award-Winning Children's Book

Drawbridges Open and Close introduces Bridge Tender Todd (a fox) and his sidekick Ponticat.  The action begins when Tugboat Captain Josie (a kangaroo) towing a big barge needs the Narrows Drawbridge to open.  Bridge Tender Todd and Ponticat respond following the six steps to safely open the bridge as the book counts forwards and backwards to open and close the drawbridge.

Drawbridges Open and Close by Patrick McBriarty is the first book in the PTM Werks Series and reveals the behind-the-scenes, controls, locks, gears, and steps of operating a drawbridge.  Beautifully illustrated by Johanna H. Kim, it presents a fanciful world of animal characters, vehicles, and watercraft.

Drawbridges Open and Close (Oct. 2014) is published by CurlyQ Press, an imprint of Applewood Books of Carlisle, Massachusetts and distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor.  Ask for it at your local public library or local booksellers or buy an author signed copy right here.  The entire PTM Werks Series is available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com.   This book is proud to be part of the Chicago L.A. County and New York Public Library System collections (and many others!) and at the Museum Shop of the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. and the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum in the SW bridge house of the Michigan Avenue Bridge in Chicago! 

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Drawbridges Open and Close

"I always loved books as a kid that explained a concept that I didn’t fully grasp when I first saw it.  Drawbridges [Open and Close] is one of those books that does just that.  The drawings, the explanation of how the bridge works, the daily process that the  Bridge Tender goes through opening and closing the bridge engages the young reader in the marvels of a working bridge that is more than just a simple bridge.  A child can get so much out of Drawbridges when they read it for the first time and even get more out of it when they read or share it with their siblings.  A great book for those who want to understand the world they encounter."
-- Michael Higdon, Retail Manager at the National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.

Kids will enjoy reading this book over and over again with its fanciful illustrations of various animal characters, vehicles, and watercraft that take turns crossing over and through the Narrows Drawbridge of the busy town.  Drawbridges Open and Close makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion to share with little someone special!

Always safe Bridge Tender Todd is not be rushed checking and double checking the bridge and everyone is clear before it is opened.  However, the impatient Terry Turtle in his sports ​car gets stuck waiting while the bridge opens for water traffic to pass.  Will he ever get across?  Find out in this wonderful book sure to become a favorite, especially with the bridge builders of tomorrow.