Like all the PTM Werks Series children's book City Railways Go Above and Below takes place in the make believe world populated by interesting animal characters, vehicles, and watercraft.  In creating this book we needed a map so our characters can navigate the Crosstown Railway System to safely go from place to place.  Young train fans are going to love this book!

City Railways Go Above and Below introduces Train Operator Julia and her son Ben, who gets to ride with his mom inside the train motorcab to experience a day in the life of a train operator.  The Crosstown Railway delivers the fanciful animal passengers throughout the city.  As they near Crosstown the tracks descend into a tunnel to go from elevated to subway train and back again many stops later as the leave the busy town.  Ben is a amazed by all that he sees going above and below on the Crosstown Railway!

City Railways Go Above and Below by Patrick McBriarty is the third book in the PTM Werks Series and reveals the behind-the-scenes, controls, electrification, and steps of operating elevated and subway trains.  Like the entire PTM Werks Series this book is illustrated by Johanna H. Kim to expand this fanciful world of animal characters and present how elevated and subway trains of the Crosstown Railway work.

City Railways Go Above and Below has now been released with a publication date of October 2016, published by CurlyQ Press, an imprint of Applewood Books, and distributed by Ingram (IPS).  Ask your local booksellers or public library for it, along with the rest of the PTM Werks Series!  These books are also available online at Amazon and Barnes &