This is an excellent book about how airplanes/flights work

All systems go with this great children's book

"This is an excellent book about how airplanes/flights work. Very easy to understand for little ones.  The illustrations are also terrific.  We give this our highest rating!" 

   -- B. Mehaffey  (Amazon Review)

Airplanes Take off and Land by Patrick McBriarty is the second book in the PTM Werks Series and introduces Harry who is about to take his very first airplane ride and gets to see the behind-the-scenes and steps of flying a commercial aircraft with his Aunt, pilot Stacey.  Filled with fanciful animal characters and beautifully illustrated by Johanna H. Kim, this book reveals what it is like to take off and land Crow-Flies Air Flight 6, which takes Harry to visit his grandmother.  Get your copy today to find out what Harry thinks of flying!  


Airplanes Take off and Land is published by CurlyQ Press, an imprint of Applewood Books and distributed to retailers by Ingram.  Ask for it at your local public library or bookseller.  It can also be found at Amazon or Barnes & OR buy an author signed copy right here!  This book is proud to be part of the Chicago and New York Public Library System collections.  

"The information is quite detailed and sophisticated, as are the many exemplary diagrams of the airplane with all parts and controls carefully labeled. There is plenty here for kids to enjoy, especially those with an early interest in planes and mechanics, and there's no doubt the book is attractive enough to draw readers in... In fact, it may be the adults reading the book who will be most fascinated by this in-depth look at flying. Nervous flyers of any age should be calmed when they see the safety checks and rechecks that go on before, during, and even after the flight.

Booklist    April 2015

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Airplanes Take off and Land!

"My 5 year old loves this book! The story is complex enough so we have a lot of details to discuss yet she can grab it and read it to herself if she wants. I am looking forward to using this book as a springboard to having future conversations about how airplanes work and the physics behind flight. Thanks to the author and illustrator for another conversation provoking book about how things work!"   5-Stars

Chicago reader (Amazon Review)

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Airplanes Take off and Land

From here Harry gets to see everything that goes on as Pilot Stacey and Copilot Schimer prepare the aircraft, taxi, receive clearance for take off, fly, and safely land Crow-Flies Air Flight 6.  The story is full of animal characters, who all take part in the flight from Crosstown Field to Bayside Landing.  What does Harry think about flying?  Find out in this wonderful book sure to be a favorite, especially with young aviation fans and the pilots of tomorrow.

Fuel truck driver, Mikey (a polar bear) pulls up, connects a hose to fill the airplane fuel tank. Harry follows Pilot Stacey up into Crow-Flies Air Flight 6 to the cockpit, meets Copilot Schimer, and gets to sit in the jump seat for the entire flight!

They walk around the airplane on the preflight inspection to check the outside of the airplane's control surfaces, engines, and landing gear.  There is a lot to prepare before each and every flight.  

Aunt Stacey takes Harry into the cockpit of Crow-Flies Air Flight 6 to see the many steps of flying an airplane.  First Harry and Pilot Stacey check in through the special pilots and crew entrance and visit the Pilots Lounge to file the flight plan.  


Airplanes Take off and Land -- introduces Harry (a lamb) on his very first airplane flight, who learns all about how airplanes take off and land with his Aunt Stacey, a pilot.  They fly with Co-pilot Schimer (a wolf) from Crosstown Field to Bayside Landing.